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The Luke Langford Band started in 2015 as an excuse for a couple guys to get together and play the music they loved. That hasn't changed. The band, however, quickly outgrew it's early ambitions of a show or two a month to now playing 140+ shows annually.


Based near the beaches of the Florida Panhandle, the LLB found itself in fertile ground to grow a country music band with the vacationing crowds and locals alike. As the band gained momentum it grew from a standard  four piece to a Texas Five when Matt Miller joined in late 2015 on fiddle. I    n the last three years playing across the southeast, the Luke Langford Band found their sound and their stride. Following after their musical heroes from the Texas Music Scene like Randy Rogers Band, Reckless Kelly and others who stay as busy writing as performing, Luke and the guys are currently finishing their first full album to be released in 2018 plus keeping the tour schedule busy both locally and across the southeast.  

"The only rule is it better be real. Your songs deserve your honesty, even when it hurts.", says Luke about songwriting. Their just-released single, "Like a Farmer Loves the Rain" lays bare that sentiment:'

     "I grew up in my daddy's shadow on the farm. He was always staring at the rain clouds, and they hardly ever did what he wanted. I still remember watching daddy pray for a rain line that an hour later laid flat the corn crop it was supposed to save."

"Sometimes love turns out the same way, it's dust until it's mud, it's too much then it's not enough. We like to call it fate or luck or divine will, but sometimes making it or not just comes down to timing. Farming taught me that early, and it's a lesson I've had to learn learn more than once. Love and rain are both so damned double-edged, and coming to grips with that is where Like a Farmer Loves the Rain came from."

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